Special Kid's Day, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization serving children with disabilities.

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Back in 1993 Tom and Robin Leuck learned that their son had Autism. About two years later they learned that one of their daughters was Autistic as well. After spending two years in an elementary special education class they noticed how well their son was doing. They wanted to do something for the class and at the same time say thank-you the teachers for the wonderful job they were doing. They decided to invite them out for lunch to have pizza on the second Friday in May since it fit well into the class schedule. They invited them to a Pizza parlor at their expense for all the pizza and pop the kids, teachers, aides, and volunteers could eat. His wife thought that it would be nice if they invited the other handicapped students and staff from the school since they do a number of things together. The day arrived, the kids and staff got off the bus at the pizza parlor and they were on their way, so they thought. That's when the Leuck's noticed some children had remained on the bus and the ramp was being folded up. He inquired as to why those students weren't attending. He was informed that they were tube fed and couldn't eat pizza.

logoMr. Leuck was devastated. He had no idea there were children like that in the school and never gave it much thought. He thought he was prepared. He had hired a clown and thought it would be a good time for all! That meant everyone. Mr. Leuck felt he had failed those children on the bus because he didn't have something for everyone. Tom wanted this to be a Special Day. They were left out and it was his fault or should I say his ignorance that failed them.

It was at that moment that the concept of "Special Kid's Day" was born. This special day has grown to encompass a large portion of the handicapped students in the Chippewa Falls School District and has expanded to other Area school Districts and their special students as well. At this point teachers prepare for this annual event through educational activities such as reviewing student social skills and individual behavioral characteristics. They then spend time teaching appropriate social skills and appropriate behavior in preparation for this event at which students are expected to apply the skills they have been taught in school. This event also allows students to network with other students and develop new friendships from different schools and different school districts as well.

TomAs the Leuck's continued to interact with school teachers, parents, and community members, they became aware of several other critical issues that face handicapped students and their parents. One issue is the difficulties parents have in finding and securing dental services especially for more moderate to severely impaired children. They found that this problem was a State wide issue of greater depth then they had ever imagined. A second issue they discovered was the degree of difficulty that parents of the handicapped have in securing timely day care services for their children. Both of these issues have become a major project for this group and lead to the incorporation of Special Kid's Day into a non-profit Wisconsin corporation and to the successful application for tax except status with the IRS. While the original name has stayed the same, the organization has widened its goals by addressing these additional, more complicated issues of these critical needs as well.

Special Kids Day has grown from its modest beginning, when it was supported solely by the Leuck's until today in which 92 individuals and companies support its goals. We currently have several programs for children with disabilities operating or under development.

They are: Special Kid's Day, Special Kid's Day Memorial Program, Special Kid's Day Pumpkin Dance, Special Needs Dental Care, Special Needs Education Assistance Program and the Special Needs Prom Program.

It is our hope that together with your support we can make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.


Special Kid's Day

To provide an educational/social experience so special needs students can practice and refine their skills while expanding their social network...more

Special Kid's Day Memorial Program

To remember those special individuals that departed early in life that we came to know and love...more

Special Kid's Day Pumpkin Dance

A gathering to provide an educational/social experience for Halloween in October...more

Special Needs Prom Program

A program that provides funding to help students Rent a Tux (men), and help the ladies acquire a Prom Dress for their use at the Prom...more

Education Assistance Program

A way to help those individuals, special individuals, parents of Special Needs Children and the teachers that work with these children...more

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