Special Kid's Day, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization serving children with disabilities.

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Upcoming Social Events and Fund Raising Events

Help support Special Kid's Day, Inc. and our programs by attending one of our Fund Raisers.

Social Events

Special Kid's Day Pumpkin Dance
October, 2019
Call Tom for Date!

Special Kid's Day
May, 2020
Call Tom for Date!

Fund Raising Events

9th Annual Watercraft Ride for Autism
Saturday, August 24th, 2019
The Sandbar
Chippewa Falls, WI

Special Kid's Day, Inc. Fund Raising Brat Fry's

SKD Brat Sale Benefit - (WQOW) 18
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Special Events & Brat Stand Photo Gallery
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The following meat items are being grilled and prepared:
• Regular and Beer Brats 
• Hamburgers and Cheeseburgers 
• Hot Dogs 
• Hot German Potato Salad 
• Bush's Baked Beans

Double Brats Chicken Sandwich


Special Kid's Day, Inc. Fund Raising

Also look for us at:

Pure Water Days in Chippewa Falls at The Medicine Shoppe

Dates coming soon!



Special Kid's Day

To provide an educational/social experience so special needs students can practice and refine their skills while expanding their social network...more

Special Kid's Day Memorial Program

To remember those special individuals that departed early in life that we came to know and love...more

Special Kid's Day Pumpkin Dance

A gathering to provide an educational/social experience for Halloween in October...more

Special Needs Prom Program

A program that provides funding to help students Rent a Tux (men), and help the ladies acquire a Prom Dress for their use at the Prom...more

Education Assistance Program

A way to help those individuals, special individuals, parents of Special Needs Children and the teachers that work with these children...more

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