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Special Kid's Day Thank You Notes


Welcome to Special Kid's Day Thank You Notes. Rain or shine, I hope you enjoyed Special Kid's Day, as much as Robin and I have enjoyed doing it for you. A Special Thanks to the many people that helped make this special day possible.

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Thank You's & Comments

I would like to thank Ralph Coushman and any others that may have nominated me for the Jefferson Award I received on April 10th 2014 and giving me the opportunity to represent the Chippewa valley in Washington D.C. at the National Jefferson Awards. Tom Leuck
Posted 2014-04-14

I would like to thank everyone that helped with this years Special Kid's day program. Tom Leuck
Posted 2013-07-22

This years Oktoberfest Fund Raiser in Chippewa Falls at the State Fair Grounds was a great Success. Everyone said they enjoyed the food and we have several good ideas from customers and volunteers about food items to add for next year. And special Thanks goes out to everyone that helped to make this Fund raiser possible. Tom Leuck
Posted 2012-09-25

This years Special Kid's Day is looking better all the time. This year's celebration will include 15 school districts from 9 different counties. Tom
Posted 2012-02-15

I am looking forward to another good year. Lots of things are happening at special kid's day. Tom L
Posted 2012-01-06

The Leuck Family, Thanks for another great party!! The students and I had a fun time. Great food, great entertainment. Jean Keller, Southview Elem.
Posted 2009-05-19

I hope everyone had a good time. Tom & Robin
Posted 2009-05-12

thank you
Posted 2008-05-27

thanks for all the great food and the pop to.
Posted 2008-05-27

i had fun i got to meat new people and got to see my old friend form eauclarie and coddot i loved it i cant what to go a geing from: shawni birch from chippewa falls wi
Posted 2008-05-27

I had the chance to see my cousin. Thank you for the fishing pole. Heather Canfield
Posted 2008-05-23

I had fun. My favorite part was meeting Doug Michels and meeting Ronald McDonald. From Pat Moe
Posted 2008-05-23

thank you for everything but you're the greatest rock n roll performer ever.
Posted 2008-05-23

Thank you so much for the z100 t shirt, and for the nice weather. i had a nice time. my favorite part was the limo ride. Danny Cox form Chi hi
Posted 2008-05-23

I saw the fire house dog.
Posted 2008-05-23

thank you for everything but you're the greatest rock n roll performer ever.
Posted 2008-05-23

thank you for everything it's the greatest rock n roll performer ever
Posted 2008-05-23

Tom & Robin, Thanks for a great day of fun. We enjoyed the horse wagon ride, the limo, music, and all the great food. Brian, Denise, & Daniel Roesler
Posted 2008-05-22

WOW!! How do I begin to thank you for all the wonderful surprises? The limo, plaque, and kind words all meant so much more than words can say!! Thank you for your generosity and kindness shown toward my family. Most of all, thank you for the great time you provided for my students! It is such a wonderful day that we all look forward to, and each year somehow seems better than the one before. Thank you so much for all you do!! Diane Syring and class, Cornell
Posted 2008-05-20

Tom and Robin, I think one of my students said it best, "This is the best day of my life!" We all love it, students,aides, and myself. Thanks so much for providing a wonderful experience for my students. It is just perfect! Adele Danielson
Posted 2008-05-19

Tom, Robin & Family, Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. We greatly appreciate your generosity and hospitality in sponsoring this FABULOUS event. We also would like to thank you for the Milk Moola classroom money. It will be put to good use. See you again next year! Leslie Schmidt & class, CHI HI CD
Posted 2008-05-19

I would personaly like to thank everyone who attended this years 10 year celebration. I'll see you May 15th for #11. Tom Leuck
Posted 2008-05-17

Hi ~~~ We just wanted to say thank you for inviting us to this very Special Day. We all had a great time. We loved the Limo ride, the wagon ride and the Pontoon ride. We hope to join you again next year. Again, thanks for including us!!! Memorial High School :)
Posted 2007-05-30

Tom and Robin, Thanks for the great picnic, it was the best one yet! The kids had a great time. The fishing area was a big hit with our class. The food tasted wonderful and the dance time was just right. We sure appreciate all your time and effort. Jean and class
Posted 2007-05-29

thank you for the pop and the food it was fun to go on the lemo i had fun you should play better music next time like some rock songs or something like or hannah montana will be ok and hillary duff and vanessa hudgens thanks
Posted 2007-05-22

Mrs. Langman & Mrs. Groskreutz class Chi-HI CD
Posted 2007-05-22

Thanks for the wonderful day! Our class loved the limo ride and the dance! We can't wait for next year! BY:yelena
Posted 2007-05-22

Thank you so much. I had a great time in special kids day. It was so fun I want to do it again.
Posted 2007-05-22

I had a great time at Special kids day. I really like the food, and the prizes. Danny
Posted 2007-05-22

Thank you so much. I had a great time. dan lloyd
Posted 2007-05-22

Thanks for letting me do this for you, Tom Leuck
Posted 2007-05-21

I would like to thank everyone that helped to make Special Kid's Day May 18th, 2007 a success. A special thankyou goes out to the Optimist Clubs of Chippewa and Hallie, WI and to Ron Bakken and the many volunteers who helped to give pontoon boat rides to many of the multiple handicapped children that attended. To the students and staff from the schools, "I hope you had a good time and I hope to see you next year on May 16th, 2008 when we celebrate our 10th year."
Posted 2007-05-21

Your comments are always welcome. Tom Leuck - Chairman, Special Kid's Day.
Posted 2007-03-02

The CDS class at Chi-Hi would like to thank everyone for all the hard work they did to make this day possible. We especially enjoyed winning prizes and the great music. Ariel
Posted 2005-05-20

Dear Mr Leuck Thank you for the Shirt.i had a good time. i liked the Music and the Food . i liked the Prizes. Ms. Meadows, Mr. Skelton, Ms. Carlton (CHI-HI PE staff).
Posted 2005-05-18

Mr. Leuck, thank you for the t-shirt and invitation to the Special Kids Day. Ms. Crandall, Mrs. Liddell and Mrs. Bohl's class
Posted 2005-05-17

The middle school cd class says thank you for making our day so much fun. We really liked staying later and would encourage everyone to do it next year. Thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Leuck for all of their hard work!! Thank you for a wonderful time! The Life Skills Class Chi-Hi
Posted 2005-05-16

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