Special Kid's Day, Inc. is a non-profit charitable organization serving children with disabilities.

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SKD Prom - May 2010
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SKD Prom - May 2012
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prom.gifprom.gifThe Special Needs Education Assistance - Prom Program (S.N.E.A.P.P) is a way to help students, Special needs students, and parents of Special Needs Children. The S.N.E.A.P.P. Program provides funding (when available) to help the above mentioned students Rent a Tux (men). The program will also help the student receive free admission to the Prom, a Corsage or Boutonniere, a picture taken at the Prom by the Prom photographer, a free dinner for the students going to the Prom, their hair cut or styled, and transportation to the Prom.
Download the Program Application: for teachers or for parents and guardians
This is the Tux Only Application: Download the Tux Application: for teachers or for parents and guardians
Contact your teacher to fill out the appropriate paperwork, and contact someone at Special Kid's Day.**

Tax Exempt Status

Special Kid's Day, Inc. is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. One area we are involved with is to assist in the goals and direction of the Special Kid's Day project.
To help us achieve this purpose, the Corporation was chartered by the State of Wisconsin as a non-profit organization. The I.R.S. has granted us Tax exempt status and The State of Wisconsin Department of Regulation and Licensing has designated us as a Charitable Organization.

What we will help you get?DSCF0011.JPG


    1. Help Rent a Tux (men only)
    2. If our Budget allows, we will also help you get:
    3. Help the student receive free admission to the Prom
    4. Corsage or Boutonniere
    5. Picture taken at the Prom by the Prom photographer
    6. A hair cut or hair styling
    7. Free dinner for all the students going to the Prom
    8. Transportation to the Prom
    9. Teachers will be notified if any or all of these budget items are available


    There is no cost to be a part of this program. All eligible participants are defined below.

    Who is eligible?

    This program is open to: the program will start with Special education students that are Cognitively Delayed and Disabled, and Handicapped (CD & D&H Students) in Chippewa Falls.

        • high school special education classes

        • high school regular education classes

    The following school districts are Eligible for the Program:

        • Altoona

        • Augusta

        • Baldwin

        • Boyceville

        • Bruce

        • Cadott

        • Chippewa Falls

        • Colby

        • Colfax

        • Cornell

        • Eau Claire

        • Flambeau

        • Gilman

        • Ladysmith

        • Loyal

        • Menomonie

        • Osseo-Fairchild

        • Owen-Withee

        • Stanley-Boyd

        • Thorp

    It is our hope is to expand this program to all eligible high school students in Chippewa Falls, and in other areas as the need arises and financial support allows.
    If your school district is interested in being added to this program, please contact Tom Leuck at (715) 861-5542 or e-mail him at: or

Income Qualifications - General Eligibility Guidelines

At the start of the program, Income Qualification will be the responsibility of the student's teacher. With the teacher's knowledge of the students in his or her class, we feel they are best to determine who should be granted an application to apply.
At the start of the Program, it is our hope that each teacher will receive as many applications as funding allows.

S.N.E.A.P.P. Gifts/Donations

S.N.E.A.P.P. Gifts and/or donations are welcome. Only with your help, S.N.E.A.P.P. will be able to help others.

S.N.E.A.P.P. Funding Sources

Start up money for this program will come from proceeds of the summer brat fry fund raisers staffed by the Leuck family and close personal friends. S.N.E.A.P.P. Gifts from service clubs, businesses, and private donations are always welcome.
Ultimately, the expansion of this program will require outside sponsors and funding sources.

What is asked of the Students, Teachers, Aides, and Schools?

Remember, funding is limited.
Make sure that you have a true need that will be beneficial to him or her.
Most important of all: make sure your request form is complete. It will be your responsibility to make sure that all information is provided. Incomplete forms will not be considered!

Donations and Sponsors

All of us at Special Kid's Day, Inc. would like to thank the following businesses and people for helping to make the prom program possible:


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at:

Attention: S.N.E.A.P.P.
Phone: (715) 861-5542